The Science

Acne develops when the pores of the skin get clogged. Then the oils of the skin called sebum get blocked inside the pore and all of this gets infected. This makes the red, infected, and inflamed lesions we call acne.

The Solution

Ocean Seas Dermatology Cleanser works to stop acne in three ways. First, it opens up the pores of the skin that were blocked and started the whole problem. Second, it reduces the skin oil called sebum that gets built up. Third, it kills the bacteria in the blocked pore that cause acne.

Patented Clean Skin

Ocean Seas Dermatology Treatment Solution is the best way to keep your skin sparkling clean. It is made from pharmaceutical grade elements and minerals to precisely match the composition of the OCEAN water of The Dead Sea including the high amounts of magnesium. We all know how clean our skin looks after vacation at the beach. It’s the ocean water that makes it so clean! People have traveled to spas at the Dead Sea and used salts from the Dead Sea trying to get that Ocean Sea clean skin. The scientists at Ocean Seas Dermatology have now patented this unique combination of elements and minerals found in the Dead Sea so that you can have this ocean fresh clean skin every day with Ocean Seas Dermatology Sea Treatment Solution

Integrated Health Philosophy

Beautiful skin reflects excellent health. You look healthy when you are healthy. That is the goal for the doctors at Ocean Seas Dermatology who want you to look healthy and to be healthy. Good health begins with good nutrition and this all starts with a strong and healthy body that can absorb the nutrients to keep you feeling and looking great. Scientific studies have shown people with acne would be healthier if they take probiotics. That is why we provide Ocean Seas Dermatology Probiotics to help you get that healthy glow of a healthy body.


PATENTED CLEAN SKIN Prescription for Radiant Skin

Ocean Seas Dermatology Cleanser treats acne to give you clear skin.

Ocean Seas Dermatology Treatment Solution gives you clean skin.

Ocean Seas Dermatology Probiotics will give you the healthy glow of a healthy body.

We treat acne so you will look and be healthy with the products from Ocean Seas Dermatology!